Reasons Why Education is Important

10:39 AM

"The intimate link between school failure and incarceration is clear at the bottom of the education ladder where 60 percent of black, male high school dropouts will go to prison before age thirty-five."

Did you read that carefully? 60% of Black, male high dropouts will go to prison before turning 35 years old.

We all know there's a correlation between education level and your salary, likelihood to go to jail and even future health, but who knew the jail rate for African American male dropouts was this high?

If you're like me, you're a little shocked but that lasts only a second and you are moved to action, or at least contemplating it. So, what can we do to stop or reduce this cycle by decreasing this percentage?

1. If you're a young man, consider becoming a Big Brother.

2. Consider becoming a Big Sister. The commitment is only 4 hours per month and you can make a world of difference. Big Sisters
I'll make a list of ways to get involved and keep adding to it, just wanted to put this out there. Any suggestions?


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