Chris Thigpen

1:39 PM

Yesterday, my Godbrother, Chris Thigpen passed away. I'm sad and was struggling most of the night until I heard his wife say he just wanted to make sure his life/story wasn't in vain. He was sure to write his story and I wanted to share with you all. Be blessed.

"I am a 27 year old male and I have recently been diagnosed with renal medullary carcinoma which is a rare and currently incurable cancer. I am married and have three wonderful children, Kane, Alana and DaMahn. My wife Brandy and I have been together for seven years and are extremely happily married.
I was diagnosed in September and have since been experimenting with different treatments. The cancer that I have is normally found in African American males who have the sickle cell trait. This disease is normally found in those between ages 10 and 40 with a very low survival rate. 
Since contracting this disease I have been extremely blessed in that I have had a relatively enjoyable quality of life. My doctors, family and friends fhave all been very supportive, a benefit was thrown to raise money for my family in which we recieved over Ten Thousand Dollars!!! To everyone that was involved I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!
Even with all this support, I believe the only reason I am doing as well as I am is because of my relationship with and calling upon the Lord Jesus Christ. I have so much faith that he is walking with me and will eventually free me of this horrid affliction. He has always taken care of me, even when I didn't know that he was and I feel that me contracting this is his way of using me to prove to the world the power that he has. Most people with this disease die very shortly after being diagnosed or do not even have the chance to be diagnosed because the cancer is so rare most doctors do not even know about it.  Some studies report apx. 100 cases diagnosed since 1995. 
We are currenlty working on a webstie dedicated to help fund reseach of RMC and other rare cancers. We are also looking to use the site as a gathering place for those of us who are afflicted to communicate and share stories. 
I say all this not to ask for pity or to sadden people but to do the opposite and inspire everyone out there. This is to let you know that it could always be worse. Do not envy the next man because you never know what is going on in his life.  Have faith in the good of humanity because it still exists.  And most importantly, trust and believe in the Lord because His power is awesome!! When humans cannot fix you, only He will be there to guide you, hold your hand and help makle you whole! Please feel free to contact me with any comments or concerns. and whether you are religous or not please pray for me because as of right now He is the only one who can save me from the sentence this disease has given me. 
God Bless!"

In Memory of Christopher Douglas Thigpen (1982 - 2010)

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