Wooo 2% There

8:23 AM

shAgatom [Read: Welcome] Click to hear the Bengali word spoken

So I am ELATED because in a little over a month I will be in BANGLADESH! The map actually shows 3 cities we will be visiting.

Not only are my friends excited with me but they are totally behind me and have donated their money to help me get there
(Thanks Ash, Thanks Whit!).

I promise I'll take great pics! Mademoiselle M and I have toyed around with the idea of writing a travel book but I am once again convinced we should.
Would you read our travel guide once it hit the bookshelves?

What am I most excited about today, you ask? Airplane food served in courses!
(I'm a fat kid I know, lol)
I'm also creating a presentation as my final project to receive credit for the course. I have no idea what the topic will be yet because it should be something that interested you once you arrived.

$2055 down, $1845 to go by next week!

To see more on the trip see here: Melissa's Chip In Page

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