Action Pt.II

12:35 AM

Why I'm getting on the good foot...

1. When Obama becomes president, I won't just be an onlooker, I'll be a part of the change. Your fanbase always multiplies after you win and all the Looky Lou's decided to get behind you because they were too scared to make a choice before. Uh uh, not me.

2. I have to put others before me. My nephews, my family, my community, my teachers, My Heart and those around them need a transformational leader to ensure their future.

3. Everyone is tired of America the bully. Ooh look at us we have BIG guns. Great, but other countries have bigger cajones and if you keep treating the world like its full of peons, indigents and those unworthy of your time existin only for your entertainment, charity and mistreatment, think again. They will collectively kick your America.

4. We're ready for him, we've prayed for him, we've hoped for him.

5. Look at how people are coming together! I can't say I've seen this in the past and its only the beginning.The Obama Volunteer Vibe: Punks and Billionaires

So I haven't even begun to talk about the policies but have no fear, its coming. In my attempt to blog about reality I must write about those things/issues closest to my heart. Therein lies my truth. In the coming weeks look for the guest blogs as well as Nonprofit goodies. ;-)

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