Action Pt.I

12:25 AM

So as I think about the campaign so far and my involvement, or really, my lack thereof, I began to realize why I haven't been very involved. I made a few donations but I have yet to give of myself and I realized why. If Obama were to not win, I would be devastated and when you work for something or believe in it and do not receive, you are hurt all the more. I wouldn't be able to sit on the sidelines and simply shake my head. I'd be involved.
It's like following a team all season, the home games, the away, the wins and hopefully few or no losses, until they arrive at the home of the golden chalice, The Super Bowl. You've done your part, watching, cheering all season and have awaited this glorious moment. If they win, you're excited as if you were on that very field. If not, you're crushed.

True, there's always the possibility of defeat, but what if we win? I'm very much a sore loser, but what if we win? I was talking to My Heart late last week about the very same thing. He says we should put our all into pursuing what we want and if we don't, we cannot complain about settling for less. I'm being moved to action...and I like it.

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