Mid-year Updates

11:06 PM

I've been missing for a while so here's a little recap.

Previously on Mostly Melissa...

  • Moved to DC
  • Started working in education
  • Joined the board of the Cultural Academy for Excellence (www.cafeyouth.org)
  • Decided to start a business
  • Got married May 25th 

I must say, life is pretty good. Perfect? No. More good than bad? Certainly.

I'm learning to not take on everything, not fight every battle alone, not exhaust myself taking care of those I love.  Truth is, people actually want to help and a less stressed me is better for all of us!

The wedding was amazing.  Mr. Smith handled just about everything once we landed on the island so I got to just shoot the breeze and relax, just like a real vacation!  Now that I'm back in the real world, I'm taking steps to make sure I can vacation more often without running out of leave or having to rush back to work.  I'll keep you posted and won't stay away so long. :-)

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