Happy New You

9:25 PM

2013 is here.  Finally.  Something big is in the works.  Although that sounds cliche, I am serious.  Seven years ago, I was on a very different path.  In school, organizing, poised to change the world somehow.  Then, I got derailed.  Listening to the multiplying naysayers, simply completing each day, trying unsuccessfully to fit into the mold created for me by those who loved me.  Fast forward to the me now who misses the me then.  But, like we loved to sing in Suite 336E, "There's Hope."

Saw Django and saw a few parallels.  Talked to my husband about self-improvement and deciding to get out of a rut. Talib Kweli's "Get By" plays on my pandora playlist.  My friend talks about her relationship and I immediately A co-worker leaves to make a bigger impact while following her truth. And, as if on cue, the mission statement I began and lost many moons ago appears on a completely different computer.  Kismet.

So, in my cathartic new pastime I share with you that I am on track yet again.  not just because of these stars aligning but because I am keeping the promise I made to myself nearly two decades ago to be someone I belief in, someone I am proud of, someone changing the world during the days she i given to walk this earth.

Welcome to the new (old) me.

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