Pass It On: The Dying Art of Thank You Notes

10:18 AM

These days, some old habits are fading. Saying "please" and "excuse me," giving up your seat for an old person or a pregnant lady, letting people off the elevator before fighting your way in.

I'm pretty good about these but I read an article that make me think for a little bit. What about the "Thank You's?" Hand-written thank you notes will never go out of style. So, today I am writing a note to self (and you, of course) to do this once again. I wrote a guest speaker a hand-written card and he was admittedly shocked to see it. Wasn't that big of a deal to me but I hear it really made his day.
Make someone's day! Stand out as that person still perfecting the dying art of letter writing (and I guess save the post office by actually purchasing a few stamps). It feels good to be thanked.

Pass it on. :-)

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