Act As If

5:05 PM

I've been thinking a lot today about taking chances.

There are things I certainly want to do and try as I continue on this journey to find my purpose.  I start to explore and stop.  Why?  Fear of the unknown, real commitments in real time, name it.  But I read a blog post from my friend Rebecca Thompson who talked about her decision to do a Remote Year.  What really struck me was how she began preparing for her journey before she was officially accepted.  She began to "act as if" her success was guaranteed and the universe agreed.

So often, I hear people say they want something and then make no changes in their life.  Or worse, they begin to take action that is contradictory to their goals.  This is my most common form of self-sabotage.  We say "I can't want to leave my job" then double-down on work that leaves little time for life.  We say "I will fit into that outfit by X date" then actively agree to things that interfere with workout time.

I get it.  Change is sometimes hard and more often scary.  It's difficult to leave our comfort zone for some goal when success is not guaranteed.  But what if it all worked out?  What if you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams?

I'm curious, act as if your success is already guaranteed - what would you do next?

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