5 Years Later Still Thinking of a Promise Made

10:04 PM

Haven't really written about Hurricane Katrina although its now been 5 years since her terror reigned. I did, however, come across this story, which I bookmarked 5 years ago and still remember my first thoughts.

At the time of the hurricane, I was a community organizer in Washington, DC very much invested in the forward progression of my home away from home. When I read about Deamonte Love his story struck me. Not just because he was separated from family and somehow remained composed but because he led a group of kids, all younger than his 6 years, to safety. He appeared to me to be a natural organizer. I thought, this child's potential and leadership capability is both unparalleled and apparent at such a young age.

I made a silent promise to myself then that I would help send this young man to college and although he doesn't know, I have not met his family and have no idea what is going on with him, I intend to keep my word. Consider this my paying it forward.

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