Cleveland Ideas

8:46 AM

OMG! I was born to make a website like this!

Its all about ideas to improve Cleveland. People suggest ideas and anyone, after registering, can join in.  Its an online brainstroming session creating great ideas.  I should make one about DC ideas or youth or something about which I care!
Several times I've said "If I could, I would be a professional problem solver."  Not like a consultant per se, but I would randomly offer my insight on problems and people would listen. Ok, maybe a consultant but not in a specific area like corporate bank mergers in North America but in something general, like life. 

My ideas so far...
  • The idea for the metro cars with fewer seats? Nope.
  • Putting more water fountains in schools? No-brainer.
  • University staff who need to contact people? Mandatory email skills and yes, I would check during the interview, you'd send an email. Or maybe a follow-up test. I love 200 year old ladies as much as the next kid but NO more typewriters!
  • Help people recycle - Reminders outside the grocery store telling people to bring their own bags. I know once I'm in the checkout line I don't want to go all the way back to my trunk for my bags and I'm certainly not buying new ones. As a result, another tree bites the dust.

And the list goes on...

What ideas would you post on a huge brainstorming list?

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